For as long as I can remember, entrepreneurship has driven me. I have never been willing to settle for less than I know I can achieve.

One of the main aspects of my business model is the drive to ignite, mold or support conscious living — to manifest an age of empathy and awareness in our behavior towards each other, and in the products we purchase and consume.

I believe transparency should be the basis for achieving a competitive edge and a formidable part of any company’s mission. Accountability should not be a disturbing notion but rather a welcomed one. I like to continually push the boundaries and refine the way business is done, and the way in which we interact with our communities. I believe in setting a higher standard of expectations—beyond organic and healthy and eco-friendly: What can companies do for all of us as consumers and the world in which we live? Besides providing a product or service, can businesses make our shopping experiences moments of awareness?

Can financial exchanges benefit multiple entities rather than one or two? How wide can we expand our circle of influence throughout the world in a socially responsible manner? And should we expect only “big” companies to behave responsibly? Are we not all part of an eco-system so sensitive to the smallest shifts?

Aside from profit and responsibility, entrepreneurship is vulnerability and a form of expression. It challenges me to push the envelope until I reached a niche I am satisfied with. To that end, my drive for creative expression is insatiable, and I will never stop finding ways to blend art, social justice and conscious living in my work.

I hope my company attracts those who identify with my mission and who are craving an edge in their purpose — and purchases. Join me in my commitment to social involvement and personal growth to conscience beauty ethos, and sign here. Our ultimate mission is to empower and transform the feminine spirit into a beauty and force unlike another.


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