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If eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows are the frame which subconsciously make us want to take a closer look.


Maysoon Salah is a beauty expert, eyebrow artist and entrepreneur. Starting out as a salon owner, she is now the creator of a beauty-product line, a threading instructor, and co-founder of the innovative threading bar concept: Threadology. Connection is important to Maysoon. Widening her circle of positive influence is her purpose, and because of that, she doesn’t feel that she works — rather, she believes she is living her purpose every day. She is grateful for the drive to create and for the skills that have allowed her to do that.



“My approach is quite simple: Make, give — Make more, give more.”

For as long as I can remember, entrepreneurship has driven me. I have never been willing to settle for less than I know I can achieve.

One of the main aspects of my business model is the drive to ignite, mold or support conscious living — to manifest an age of empathy and awareness in our behavior towards each other, and in the products we purchase.

I believe transparency should be the basis for achieving a competitive edge and a part of any company’s mission. Accountability should not be a disturbing notion but rather a welcomed one. I like to continually push the boundaries and refine the way business is done, and the way in which we interact with our communities. I believe in setting a higher standard of expectations—beyond organic and healthy and eco-friendly: What can companies do for all of us as consumers and the world in which we live? Besides providing a product or service, can businesses make our shopping experiences moments of awareness? Can financial exchanges benefit multiple entities rather than one or two? How wide can we expand our circle of influence throughout the world?

My approach is quite simple: Make, give — Make more, give more. I have incorporated philanthropy in my business model, and each month, 5% of my gross product sales are donated to various charitable organizations with non-partisan and non-religious affiliations: it may be Education, Social Justice, Woman, Child, Tree, Ocean, or Animal. And each month, my clients and co-workers will help me choose our cause. We will be a part of the new wave of socially conscious living. We all need to support businesses who live by this code in order to preserve life for the generations to come.

Aside from profit and responsibility, entrepreneurship is vulnerability and a form of expression. It challenges me to push the envelope until I reached a niche I am satisfied with. To that end, my drive for creative expression is insatiable, and I will never stop finding ways to blend art, social justice and conscious living in my work.

I hope my company attracts those who identify with my mission and who are craving an edge in their purpose — and purchases. Share in my commitment to social involvement and personal growth to conscience beauty. Our ultimate mission is to empower and transform the feminine spirit into a beauty and force unlike another.


Empowered Beauty



A prolific career, Maysoon has sculpted thousands of eyebrows alone, has trained over 50 technicians and has perfected a touch that makes the procedure as painless as possible. Seeking out the best methods to cater to what was missing in the brow industry, she sought out premiere eyebrow-embroidery experts in Asia, and trained intensely in the ancient art of tattooing and how it applies to the eyebrows. Maysoon’s perfectionistic attention to detail and eyebrow design make her the go to person for both the cautious and highly maintained beauty client. Though familiar with trends, Maysoon believes brow shapes should be as daringly unique as you are with full respect to your natural brow bone and personality.


The most fascinating forms of hair removal using the simplest of tools — a spool of thread. This technique is very much an art form and skill that requires a gentle hand. Removing hair from the root of the follicle, it leaves clean lines, sharp definition and beautifully smooth skin.

Threading is recommended for everyone and mostly practiced on facial hair. It is particularly beneficial for those who suffer post-waxing breakouts or have very thin skin. (Be it from genetics, aging or medications such as Accutane and Retin-A.)

Here are just a few more fabulous reasons to try threading with a professional:

  • No downtime
  • Artistry and detail not found at pop-up shops
  • Effective, clean, and natural
  • Definition superior to other methods of hair removal


Composed of ancient beauty techniques and design a good technician will respect and honor one’s natural facial structure, using skilled strokes to mirror the direction of hair and paying attention to how the hair lays. Due to different strokes, this technic is different than 3D eyebrow tattooing or eyebrow embroidery and it is not the soft-tap method. Browvolution ℠ is a state-of-the-art method that requires 80% artistry and 20% technical science to the procedure. It is the latest advancement for natural looking brows.

Only using vegetable pigments and a hand-held needle pen made of very fine needles, the instrument is just long enough to penetrate the epidermal layer of skin. This pen allows the technician to control the pressure; speed and depth, allowing a gentler touch and makes tailoring possible for each unique part of the brow. The result is the most natural look possible. The Browvolution technique makes brows appear fuller and so natural that no one will even be able to tell you had them done!

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